Finally I have my own food blog :) My Virtual Culinary Journey Begins ♥

So what is my reason to learn cooking ?


People ask me this question all the time and what better way to start a Food Blog! So here it is.

I have been cooking for the last 12 years, but I really started asking myself this question after a few years into cooking. Why do one ask such question you might say? But I was really into food & cooking within a few years. Actually, it all started during my childhood, or maybe a long time before that. My maternal great granddad always wanted to own & run a hotel. My mom is an awesome cook, one of the best in my family and dad is a foodie. Mom’s Guru is her granny & she started cooking when she was 10 years old! Not to forget that dad, during his college days, would walk wherever possible to save every penny, so he could to go to his favorite restaurant. Therefore, I say to myself that it is in my blood! 😀

Coming back to my childhood, I was good in telling if mom’s food had the flavor balance. More like an everyday family food critic. My sensory skills became so good that I started telling mom the secret ingredients used in restaurant food. Mom being a typical South Indian Brahmin-style cook would refuse to experiment with her cooking.

The major breakthrough for me happened during my teens when mom refused to cook Maggi for me. Yes, you read it right. I had to cook my own Maggi because mom did not know to cook. Thus began my cooking journey.

So here I am, a home cook, a wannabe chef and restaurateur, writing my everyday experiences & learning about food & cooking.


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